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  • Using InClowdz, you can easily transfer data from one account to another without any trouble in the following way.
    • Install InClowdz on the computer, sign in InClowdz and choose "Migrate".
    • Choose the files you want to transfer from the source clouds. Select the target path you want to transfer to.
    • Click "Migrate" to start.

  • InClowdz is a 100% secure service that won’t cause any loss or leak of your data. You will be the only person who can access your files.

  • We accept the payments from the following platforms. You can select any one suitable for you.

    • Paypal
    • JCB
    • AliPay
    • Ukash
    • Diners Club
    • Qiwi Wallet
    • Discover/Novus
    • Chinese Debit Card
    • Bank/Wire Transfer
    • VISA/MasterCard/Eurocard

  • Yes. It will renew automatically. The License allows you to use this product for the time you purchased. If you're not satisfied with InClowdz, you can cancel the automatic renew at any time.

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