Selective Transfer from One Cloud Drive to Another

Transfer what you want to transfer using InClowdz and keep your target cloud drive organized and clutter-free.

Full Drive Transfer In One Click

Transfer your entire source drive to the target drive in one click. Just select the checkbox next to the source drive, and you're done.

Filter What You Want To Transfer

Apply filters and transfer only the file types you want to transfer, like photos from one cloud to another. You can just search out a certain extension, like .jpg, and transfer them in once.

Offline Data Transfer

The data transfer process runs on the InClowdz server and does not use resources on your computer, and you only trigger it in InClowdz. No more having to keep the computer powered on for data transfer. Save time, save electricity with scheduled transfer.

Reason to Love
Wondershare InClowdz - Cloud Transfer


Safe and Secure

InClowdz never read your data or causing any data loss when you transferring files from one cloud drive to the other. You can trust us in assured.


One Click and Done

Still using the tedious upload and download way to transfer files from one cloud drive to another? InClowdz enbles you to transfer the contents with single one click.


Fast and Speedy

With file transfer speeds exceeding seven terabytes per hour, InClowdz transfers petabytes of data in just a few hours, not months.

3 Easy Steps to Transfer to Another Clouds

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source cloud
target cloud

Other Features

Cloud Sync

Comprehensive Syncing for Different Clouds.

Cloud Manage

Manage All Cloud Services and Accounts in One Place.

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