Dropbox vs Google Drive vs iCloud: Which One Should You Pick?

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Written By Alan Williams

Dec 08, 2021 • Proven solutions

In our daily life& we've so much data& photos& videos& and business documents& and all these are important to us; at no cost& we want to lose them. Luckily& today& we've cloud storage functionality on gadgets in different platforms such as iCloud& Google Drive& and Dropbox. With these platforms& you can store& access& and manage all volumes of data. Just for a second& imagine your smartphone drops off your hand& and it's unable to function. Now& think what would happen is all-important on your smartphone& you won't have them back. If you are using any of these cloud platforms& you could access all your stuff from another device. This is a big reason why not just the businesses& people also using cloud platforms for personal things. In this article& we'll be talking in brief about the top three cloud platforms; one is Dropbox& Google Drive& and iCloud& our comparison table for Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. iCloud will help you decide which platform is right for you based on your requirements. So& without wasting any time& let's get one with it.

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Part 1


Feature Dropbox Google Drive iCloud

Dropbox is the most popular solution for cloud storage in the market; it is well-known for catering to the needs of large businesses.

The primary account of Dropbox is FREE& but there is merely 2GB storage provided.

You can opt for Dropbox Pro that offers a terabyte of space with unique features such as offline document view at $9.99 per month.

The next tier package of Dropbox is Dropbox Professional that provides two terabytes of space with features such as text keyword search at a price tag of $19.99 per month.

There are also larger tier customized plans available for big organizations.

Google Drive is known for offering the most intuitive packages at the best prices. This cloud platform is the preferred choice of both business personals and individuals.

Upon signup& you’ll get 15GB of storage without paying anything.

The paid package of Google Drive starts at $1.99& offering 100GB of storage& which is more than enough for personal use.

Google Drive provides a terabyte of storage space at $9.99 and ten terabytes for $99.99 per month.

After that& you can buy 20 terabytes for $200 per month and 30 terabytes for $300 a month/.

iCloud doesn’t have a desktop or mobile application& you can simply set up within your system preference App.

The iCloud offers 5GB of free storage when you sign up.

At $0.99 per month& you get 50GB of cloud storage space.

200GB comes at $2.99& and 2TB at $9.99

In comparison to pricing& we can say iCloud is similar to Google Drive.

Part 2


Feature Dropbox Google Drive iCloud

With Dropbox& you only get 2GB of storage space. However& you can earn 16GB of FREE storage by referring.

You can expand your space to 2 Terabytes after there are customized business plans.

Sign in to Google Drive via your Gmail credentials& and 15GB of storage space is up for grab.

You can extend the storage capacity up to 30 terabytes at nominal prices.

iCloud offers 5GB of storage space for FREE& all you’ve to do is create an account& and store your stuff.

You can upgrade the storage to 50GB& 200GB& 1 or 2 terabytes& based on your needs. The pricing of each package mentioned earlier above.

Part 3

File Sharing

Feature Dropbox Google Drive iCloud
File Sharing

File Sharing is quick and efficient with Dropbox.

You share anything from photos& videos& zipped folders to large CAD files onto your Dropbox using your smartphone or computer. Unlike the email attachments& with Dropbox you don’t have to worry about the size of the file.

With Google Drive file sharing is no hassle as you share all sorts of files quickly.

The best part is Google Drive integrates with Gmail while sending large attachments via mail.

Also& with Google Drive you get Google docs& excel and PPT.

In terms of file sharing iCloud is in competition to Google Drive and Dropbox& and these file sharing features seem a bit tacked on.

You can share only individual files& not the entire folder with iCloud.

Part 4

File Sync

Feature Dropbox Google Drive iCloud
File Sync

Install the Dropbox App on your desktop& smartphone& or tablet and share & access all your Dropbox data anytime & anywhere.

If the file or the folder is there on Dropbox& you can access your stuff quickly& all you require is Internet connectivity and a smart gadget.

When file syncing& Google Drive is similar to Dropbox. It lets you access your data while being in any part of the world.

Since iCloud doesn’t have a desktop or mobile application& file syncing isn’t the strongest suite of iCloud.

Part 5


Feature Dropbox Google Drive iCloud

The platform availability of Dropbox includes Web& Mac& iOS& Android& and Windows.

When comparing Google Drive vs. iCloud vs. Dropbox for integration& Google Drive holds the upper hand.

Google Drive has iOS& Mac& Windows& web& and Chrome in-built integration.

iCloud has no App but has platform availability for Web& Mac& iOS& and Windows.

Part 6


Feature Dropbox Google Drive iCloud

Dropbox has two-factor authentication and encrypts the data when in-transit.

Dropbox uses a stronger version of encryption to secure your data

Google like Dropbox is a secure cloud storage platform.

iCloud provides security tokens for added authentication and two-level authentication for complete security.

Thus& all the cloud storage platforms score well on the front of the security aspect.


You can easily pick between Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. iCloud based on the feature comparison we did above. If you’ve used all these cloud storage platforms& share your opinion with us in the comment section& we would love to hear from you.


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