Can I Run Multiple Amazon Accounts?

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Oct 29, 2021 • Proven solutions

Online buying and selling platforms have increased their popularity over time& where they have gained retail opportunities along with exceptional clientele utilizing their services. Amazon is one of the most consumed platforms and holds the front lines of online buying and selling on the Internet. However& we have heard users inquire about the need for multiple accounts for handling their endeavors. The feasibility of multiple Amazon accounts is not easy and compelling as with many online services. Initially observing the legal bounds of having multiple Amazon accounts& we observe in their Prohibited Seller Activities& and Actions state the functioning and management of multiple Seller Central accounts prohibited. This article discusses the feasibility and the boundaries that define the existence of multiple Amazon accounts with proper guidelines for creating an Amazon account without certain inconveniences.

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Part 1

Part 1: Are you allowed to have Multiple Seller Central Accounts?

As stated& before the initial statement presented by Amazon authorities over having Multiple Seller Central accounts& you cannot create a second account. However& while observing the continued statement& it refers to the user having a business requirement. This eventually means that you can have the autonomy to create a second Seller Central account over a legitimate business requirement. It is important for you to apply for an exception& regardless of what the initial policy states. For applying to get a second account& certain requirements and steps are necessary to fulfill.

It has been clearly stated that a user is allowed to create a second account over a few exceptions& for which you are required to cover a few steps which are as follows:

Step 1: Sending a Request

Send a request to the Amazon for the creation of a new Seller Central account.

Step 2: Explanation

The request should contain a proper and legitimized explanation of the need for another account.

Step 3: Request in Processing

You then have to wait for the request to be approved. However& to get it in the phase of approval& it is adequate for you to cover the following terms& as stated below.

Terms and Conditions

  1. For having a separate Seller Central Account& you should have a separate bank account. No Seller accounts with the same bank accounts would be accepted under any case. However& users with international selling can use the same bank account over the different Seller Central accounts& which are specifically linked through the Amazon Global Selling feature.
  2. The accounts should be created under separate email addresses.
  3. You should sell different services and products in each Seller Account.
  4. A good Performance metrics are required for the account.

To get the account's approval& it is necessary for you to wait around 2-3 business days. There are many different opinions based on the confirmation of accounts. It has been recognized that to get the permission of Amazon; you should qualify under the following ambits.

  • You should be a successful seller with the first Amazon account over a considerable period of time before applying for another Seller Central account.
  • The products that are being sold on different accounts are of different brands.
  • The applicant of the request should be owning a Trademark for creating multiple Amazon accounts.
Part 2

Part 2: How to run multiple Amazon Accounts on one computer?

Running multiple accounts on Amazon can be performed through two different methods. These methods are diverse in nature and can be adapted according to people's needs and requirements using Amazon. You can easily run multiple Amazon accounts on one computer by switching accounts or using Amazon Household.

Switching Accounts

Switch Accounts enables liquidity and ease of access for you to add and switch between multiple Amazon accounts over a single browser without the obligation of signing in and out every time you need to open a certain account. For successfully utilizing this feature& you need to follow the steps as shown below:

Step 1: Searching for the option

Select the option of Switch Accounts present on the Accounts and Lists Menu.

Step 2: Adding a new account

For adding another account& select the option of Add Account& followed by the credentials.

Step 3: Switch accounts easily

Using the Switch Accounts panel& you can now easily move through your multiple Amazon accounts.

Using Amazon Household

It is impossible to merge two Amazon accounts together& along with their transaction history. To follow a certain suite of sharing& it is important to create a new account from scratch. However& Amazon Household provides you with the ultimate solution of joining accounts together. It makes linking two accounts possible while keeping them as separate entities. The Amazon Household works under a limit of 10 people& i.e.& 10 accounts in total where 2 adults& four 18+ teenagers& and four young children are included in the list. To sign up and use Amazon Household& you need to follow the steps discussed below:

Step 1: Access Amazon Household

To set up the Amazon Household plan& log in to the Amazon account& and approach the option of Accounts & Lists.

Step 2: Open Amazon Household

After selecting the previous option& a new window opens up where you need to tap into the option depicting Shopping Programs and rentals& followed by the link of Amazon Household.

Step 3: Add Members

You can observe the '+' option in the plan window& where you can add the respective members of the plan.

Step 4: Restrictions

Adults have the autonomy to have their own Amazon accounts; however& teens and kids are induced to an existing account in the form of profiles. Every purchase performed by them is to be approved by the adult account holders.


The article has presented users with a guide on how to create multiple Amazon accounts along with operating them on the same computer.



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