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How to Backup OneDrive to Google Drive?

Written By Alan Williams

May 28, 2021 • Proven solutions

Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are just two of the several commonly used cloud storage solutions& apart from several others out there& but come with a huge difference. These two are the only two storage solutions that offer full-spectrum services in email& office suite& and cloud storage to tie all of it together and keep it in one place. Microsoft provides OneDrive users with free access to online versions of its Word& PowerPoint& and Excel software. Google has excellent Docs& Slides& and Sheets. This integration level is helpful and is why these are the two leaders in the cloud storage industry. Other names such as Box and Dropbox do not offer these functionalities and are strictly cloud storage providers. They do boast of excellent integrations with practically all commonly used software out there& though.

OneDrive offers 5 GB of free storage& 3 GB more than Dropbox& which offers 2 GB. However& it is 3 times less than what Google offers at 15 GB. Google’s Android operating system powers every other smartphone in the world that is not an Apple iPhone. People are living their lives more with their smartphones than desktops today. Desktops are being relegated to heavy work or professional work only& where a large screen is required. For everyday needs of staying in touch& interacting with people and environment such as social media and taking photographs and videos& everything is being done on the phone. And people have 15 GB of free storage from Google Drive on their phones. It makes sense to use Google Drive instead of OneDrive. It also does well to backup OneDrive to Google Drive if you are using OneDrive since there is so much space you can use on Google Drive and have everything connected and in one place.

I. Backup OneDrive To Google Drive Using Microsoft Power Automate

While being easy& this method requires technical know-how to set up& and you do not want that right now in your busy lives. You want the simplest way out there to automate and use to make life easier for you. There are smarter ways than this.

II. Backup OneDrive To Google Drive Manually

You could also download your Microsoft OneDrive contents on your computer and upload them to Google Drive. This way is the easiest to use and requires only a fast internet connection with a lot of data transfer allowance if you have many data. Alternatively& if you only have a few folders that you want to backup from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive& this is a fairly familiar and easy way to get it done without wasting time. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Log in to your Microsoft OneDrive in a web browser

Step 2: Hover your cursor over the folder or file you want to download and click the hollow circle at the highlight box's top-right that shows when you hover over files and folders.

Step 3: Do that for as many files and/ or folders as you want to do& and then click Download from the top menu to begin downloading these to your computer.


Step 4: When the files are downloaded& open Google Drive in a separate tab of your web browser or a new window and log in to the Google Account. You want to backup OneDrive too.


Step 5: If you want to backup OneDrive to Google Drive in the root folder& now is when you drag the files and/ or folders from the computer and drop into this browser tab or window& and all those files and folders will be uploaded soon depending on the upload speed provisioned for you by your internet service provider. To upload the files in a folder& either create it and open it& or navigate to it and open it and then drag-and-drop the files from your computer.

III. Backup OneDrive To Google Drive Using Wondershare InClowdz

There are third-party tools that bridge the gap between what customers want and what the providers provide to them as default functionality. Wondershare InClowdz is one such service that connects your cloud storage accounts to help you sync or migrate content from one drive to another and goes a step further to thoughtfully provide a feature you will love – management of cloud accounts in one place.

Wondershare InClowdz

Migrate& Sync& Manage Clouds Files in One Place

  • Migrate cloud files such as photos& music& documents from one drive to another& like Dropbox to Google Drive.
  • Backup your music& photos& videos in one could drive to another to keep files safe.
  • Sync clouds files such as music& photos& videos& etc.& from one cloud drive to another.
  • Manage all cloud drives such as Google Drive& Dropbox& OneDrive& box& and Amazon S3 in one place.
Available on: WindowsMac
5&857&269 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Log in to Wondershare InClowdz or create a new account and then sign in.

Step 2: To begin backing up OneDrive to Google Drive& click the Sync module from the left-hand side.


Step 3: Click Add Cloud Drive under Source to add your OneDrive account you want to backup to Google Drive. Add your Google Drive as the target drive. You will be required to authorize InClowdz to use your cloud accounts when you log in to OneDrive and Google Drive from InClowdz.


Step 4: Click the source drive to select files and folders you want to backup from OneDrive to Google Drive. If you want to fully backup OneDrive to Google Drive& select the drive& and you’re good to go. Click the target drive and select the folder you want backup to be made into on Google Drive.


Step 5: Click Sync& and all your selected data from OneDrive will be backed up to Google Drive.

Management Module In Wondershare InClowdz

Up until now& this is not much different from any other third-party tool to backup Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive in one click. So& why choose InClowdz over the likes of MultCloud& CloudHQ& etc.? Simple – the management module in Wondershare InClowdz that allows you to access and use all your connected cloud storage accounts in one place. And not just that& it allows you to migrate data from within any account to any other connected account easily with a right-click.

The management module is found to the left of the InClowdz interface& and this is how it looks:


This module supports various functions such as adding files/ folders& copying files/ folders& deleting files/ folders& renaming files/ folders& and a special feature integral to the InClowdz experience – migrating files/ folders from within your cloud account to another cloud account. This is how you right-click and select the Migrate option anywhere in your cloud account:



If you want to know how to backup your OneDrive to Google Drive& the best way depends on how much data you want to backup. If it is just a few files& you might consider the free-of-cost way of downloading from OneDrive and uploading to Google Drive manually.

If you are technically oriented& you can create a flow using Microsoft Flow (Power Automate) platform& but that does not give you a lot of flexibility in choosing what you want to sync and sync. It takes a few steps to set up& and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Then there are tools such as Wondershare InClowdz& that are easy to use& intuitive& and can do more than be a sync partner. They can serve to congregate your accounts in one place. Once you have experienced the magic of that congregation and how easy it becomes to move data around within one software& you would not do without Wondershare InClowdz anymore.


Transfer, Sync and Manage Cloud Drives in One Place.

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