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Written By Alan Williams

Dec 08, 2021 • Proven solutions

If ever there was a confusion between two brand names& it is this one. When you think of Box& do you think Dropbox or did you know that Box is a file sharing service that started years before Dropbox did and the two are not to be confused or used interchangeably? You’d be forgiven if you did not know about this& Box and Dropbox always have and always will be confused with each other. But& this article is going to talk about a unique cloud storage provider& pCloud& and have a pCloud vs Box review and comparison to decide which between pCloud vs Box is better for you in 2021.

Part 1

Part 1 Quick Information On Box


Box is one of the oldest cloud storage and file-sharing service providers still in the business that is trusted by millions of users& both consumers and enterprise. As it stands& Box is more used by enterprises than consumers& simply because Box often gets confused with Dropbox. On the enterprise side& Box is a well-respected and trusted provider that Fortune 500 companies entrust their data to.

Box does provide a free plan for consumers& that is limited to 10 GB. This is 5 GB short of Google Drive but 5x more than Dropbox free plan that offers 2 GB. Box user interface is also neat and easy to use.

Part 2

Part 2 Quick Information On pCloud


Box vs pCloud or pCloud vs Box comparison is almost like apples and oranges. Both are geared towards different purposes as such. pCloud offers file storage and sharing service in a more traditional way& akin to having an external hard drive and it wants you to be able to store large amounts of data in the cloud& to retrieve when you want it. It is not big on collaboration and neither does it have the numerous integrations nearly every other provider boasts of. However& what sells pCloud to profitability is its unique pricing model.

Free account is available and is capped at 10 GB through a few unlocks such as adding email& downloading mobile app and inviting others.

Part 3

Part 3 pCloud vs Box Features: In-depth Comparison

pCloud vs Box: Storage Space

Box: 10 GB free

pCloud: 10 GB free

Storage is not a comparison point between pCloud vs Box when it comes to free accounts. It gets interesting when it comes to paid accounts& since that is where Box flexes its muscle and shows just how deep it caters to both consumers and enterprises with plans that suit both kinds of users. Individual paid plan offers 100 GB and the business plans start from 100 GB and go up to unlimited storage.  

pCloud on the other hand has only two paid plans& 500 GB and 2 TB& with two payment options. It is clearly targeted at consumers who need a large amount of storage at an affordable price.

pCloud vs Box: Integrations And Document Collaboration

Box is all about integration and collaboration& which is why it is the preferred choice for both individual users and Fortune 500 companies. Using Box you can create Microsoft Office documents within Box& Google Workspace documents within Box& and integrate Box storage with almost any major software developer’s app.

pCloud on the other hand is more into personal storage space at affordable prices. With that in mind& pCloud does not offer integration with Microsoft Office or Google Workspace suites the way other services do& since pCloud was not designed to serve that market of users.

Box vs pCloud with respect to integrations and document collaboration features is a win for Box.

pCloud vs Box: Data Privacy & Security

Box is trusted by both individuals and enterprises. As such& it needs to (and takes) security and user privacy seriously. Beginning with 2-Factor Authentication to 256-bit AES encryption at rest and TLS in transit& Box is as safe and secure as it gets& better than Google Drive that uses 128-bit AES at rest while using similar TLS in transit. Box does not snoop in on your data& neither does pCloud. Box has a watermarking feature that you can use to further the security of your data when you use Box.


pCloud offers zero-knowledge encryption as well at an extra cost& and that means that nobody but you will be able to have access to your data in pCloud.

pCloud vs Box: Special Features


Box offers features that pCloud does not when it comes to working on files in the cloud and collaborating with others. pCloud was simply not built with that kind of use in mind. Box on the other hand was built with that kind of collaborative use in mind& and it shows. Flawless integration& excellent service quality& astounding ease of use& you name it and Box has it. A large number of integrations (over 1400!) are available to be used with Box& and Box provides document collaboration within the interface through integrating Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. You can create these documents within Box and the files will be stored in Box. Box allows automation as well. A special feature of Box& not available with any other storage provider is the ability to create Apple iWork documents. This means users can create Apple Pages& Apple Numbers and Apple Keynote documents within Box.

pCloud was built for consumers to avail of cloud storage at reasonable prices. A selling point of pCloud is its pricing model that includes a lifetime option for either of its two service plans& 500 GB or 2 TB. Pay once for pCloud and use it for life. Besides this unique selling proposition& pCloud has consumer-centric features such as a media player that you can use to play your music files in pCloud web app or the mobile app. Clearly& they want you to store large amounts of data in the cloud& including music and videos. No more paying for streaming music services& just upload your library and use the pCloud app to listen to music on your mobile device. Save yourself $9.99 every month with just this one feature! Savings continue with the lifetime payment option& the cost per year of which reduces with each passing year since you paid once and the cost now essentially gets spread over over the years you use the service.

Part 4

Part 4 pCloud vs Box: Comparison Table





Starts with Free

Starts with Free


10 GB free& thereafter paid

10 GB free& thereafter paid



One of the most customizable and integrated services for consumers and enterprises

Special Features

Portfolio page& embedded audio player

Apple iWork integration allows creating Apple Pages& Apple Numbers and Apple Keynote files


100% data privacy through pCloud Crypto add-on

Employees can view data since encryption keys are held by Box


256-bit AES at rest and TLS while in transit

256-bit AES at rest and TLS while in transit

Unique Selling Proposition

Lifetime Account allows one-time payment for lifelong use& Family Account also available

Ubiquity – available everywhere with all major or minor software vendors for seamless integration& one of the best services for enterprise

What Is It Good For?

Personal use requiring large storage& features such as audio player and portfolio display cater to individual use

Personal use& enterprise use with full security and privacy and document collaboration

Part 5

Part 5 Managing Multiple Cloud Storages In A Single App

Between Microsoft because Office& Google Drive because Android and Gmail& Box and Dropbox because work& we may have at least 3 if not more cloud storage credentials today. If you are a developer& include Amazon S3 as well& most likely. How do you keep track of all of them? Do you need a tool that could transfer data from one drive to another and even let you manage all of your accounts in a single& native app?

Wondershare InClowdz: The Cloud Storage Management Tool You Need In 2021

Wondershare InClowdz is a simple app with a powerful idea behind it – to connect your cloud drive accounts together in one app and allow file operations& and to allow the ability to sync and migrate data between cloud storages.

Migrate, Sync, Manage Clouds Files in One Place

  • • Migrate cloud files such as photos, music, documents from one drive to another, like Dropbox to Google Drive.
  • • Backup your music, photos, videos in one could drive to another to keep files safe.
  • • Manage all cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, box, and Amazon S3 in one place.
  • • Sync clouds files such as music, photos, videos, etc., from one cloud drive to another.

Step 1: Register for a Wondershare ID and download InClowdz using this link:

Step 2: Launch InClowdz (it opens in the Migrate module). Click Add Source Drive.

Step 3: Clicking any of these will take you to the authorization screen where you will have to sign in and allow the service and the app to talk together. After connecting the drive& you can begin with managing your drive in InClowdz. Click Management.

You will see your drive connected here:


Step 5: Click on the connected drive and you will see the files in the drive.


If you want to migrate or sync data& click any. Here is Migrate:

Step 1: Click Migrate


Step 2: Add the drive you want to migrate from under Source Drive


Step 3: Add the drive you want to migrate to under Target Drive

Step 4: Select the checkbox next to the drive name to select the whole drive to migrate& otherwise& click source drive to specify files to migrate.


Under target drive& click target drive to select folder to copy into. If you do not do this& data will be made available in the root.

Step 5: Click Migrate and let the process finish!


pCloud vs Box is a comparison of apples and oranges. Both are fruits but that is where the similarity ends. pCloud is better when you want something that resembles an external drive that you use to store data online to access it from another location. It is not about data collaboration and not about integration of storage service with other apps. It is about a user choosing to store data in pCloud at will. Only two plans are provided& 500 GB and 2 TB& and that should give an idea what the service aims to achieve. Most consumers use pCloud to backup their data online& that’s it. Some use it to store their music files online and enjoy streaming music on their phones and computers since pCloud provides a music player in the web and mobile apps.

Box was built with businesses at heart. It shows in its clientele that is predominantly enterprise. Enterprises love Box for how it allows integration for their needs. There are over 1400 integrations available with Box. Box is powerful& nimble& flexible and easy to use and integrate. Yes& it can be costlier than others& but there is good reason for it.

pCloud vs Box or Box vs pCloud comparison boils down to what you need cloud storage for. If you are looking for a file-sharing service that allows you to collaborate on files and create office documents within itself& Box is the one. If all you want is off-site& online storage& pCloud needs a serious looking before making a decision.


Transfer, Sync and Manage Cloud Drives in One Place.

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