How to Add Folder to OneDrive?

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Oct 29, 2021 • Proven solutions

OneDrive is an efficient and safe cloud storage solution by Microsoft. Whether you are in school or college or you want to use it for professional reasons& OneDrive is the way to go.


The best feature of OneDrive is that it makes the files portable so that you share them conveniently across various devices. OneDrive makes sharing faster& convenient& and even safe and secure.

“OneDrive for Business” is widely used by businesses22 all over the world. If you don’t use OneDrive or in case you have just started using it& then this article is for you.

Today& we will discuss “how to add a folder to OneDrive” or “how to add a shared folder to my OneDrive” or “how to add a folder to OneDrive without moving”. We will provide you with a simple method to do so.

So& without any further delay& let’s get started.

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Part 1

How to Add a Folder to OneDrive?

Now& this section is for all those who have just started using Microsoft OneDrive. After you create a folder in OneDrive& you can easily share it.

So& let’s first learn how to add a folder to OneDrive& so that we can share it later.

Step 1: On your web browser& open the OneDrive website or you can even open the app on the Mobile Application.

Step 2: Sign in with your Microsoft credentials.


In case you wish to create a new folder within any one of the three default folders& you should click on that folder first.


Step 3: Select the ‘New’ option on the toolbar.

Step 4: From the Menu& opt for “Folder”.

Step 5: Enter a name for the new folder that you have created.

Step 6: Lastly& click on ‘Create’ and your new folder will be ready.

Part 2

How to Add a Shared Folder to My OneDrive

Now& in this section& we will provide a simple and convenient method to help you add a shared folder to OneDrive. First of all& you will be required to sign in to OneDrive using your Microsoft account with any web browser on your computer.

Step 1: In the Navigation Pane& you will find the ‘Shared’ option. Tap on that.

Step 2: The files and folders are distinguished as the ones that you can either edit or not. The ones listed under ‘Can Edit’ are the ones that you can add to OneDrive.


Step 3: Navigate and choose the file that you want to add to your personal OneDrive account.

There will be a circle near the title of the folder& choose that& and then you should click on “Add to my OneDrive”.

It is worth mentioning here that the item that you want to add is not a folder. So& note that for specific files or albums (collection of various files)& you will not notice “Add to my OneDrive”.


Step 4: Right-click on the folder in OneDrive.

Create a shortcut to the folder by opting for “Add shortcut to my OneDrive”. In case of any OneDrive account that is not personal& like your work or school account& then the option displayed will be ‘Add Shortcut to OneDrive’.


So& this was our solution to the question “how to add a shared folder to my OneDrive”.

Part 3

How to Add Folder to OneDrive Without Moving

Now& this part is for all those who want to learn how to add a folder to OneDrive without moving. In order to add the folder without moving it& you will be required to create a junction point.

Now& let us discuss how you can create a junction point.

Step 1: From the Start option on the taskbar& go to the command prompt on your PC/laptop.


Choose Run as administrator and then& you should type mklink /j c:\Work C:\Users\Jussi\OneDrive -Sulava Oy\Work. Do this exactly like its mentioned and do not add the quotes at the start and end.


It is also highly important to note here that after entering this command on the command prompt& if it does not work& then the junction point will not be created& which implies that a symbolic link to the folder will not be created.

If that is the case with you& go through these steps below to add the folder to OneDrive without moving.

Step 1: You need to start making changes to your folder name& the one you wish to add to OneDrive.

Let us suppose your existing folder name is c:\work& then you should rename it as follows c:\work_old.

Step 2: After you have successfully renamed your current folder& Create a “Work folder” into the “OneDrive folder”.

For instance& it will look like this-C:\Users\Jussi\OneDrive - Sulava Oy\Work.

Step 3: Go back and again open the Command Prompt and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 4: The next step is to enter the following command in command prompt& with the changed folder name -mklink /j c:\Work C:\Users\Jussi\OneDrive - Sulava Oy\Work.

Step 5: Then& you should move old content from c:\work_old (the renamed folder) to c:\work.

Also& ensure that the “work folder” which is a part of the “OneDrive” folder begins to sync. Finally& it will turn green.


So& we have reached the end of this article. We hope that as a beginner& you found the article quite easy to comprehend and use.

Through this article& not only did you learn “how to add an OneDrive folder” but also “how to add OneDrive shared folder to the computer”.

If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article& then please feel free to write it down in the comment section.

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