How to Share Files on Google Drive?

Written By Alan Williams

Oct 29, 2021 • Proven solutions

One of the most popular amazing cloud storage solutions is Google Drive. Google Drive comes with a lot of features that can really help you in your personal and professional life. Whether you are a student or you are working in an organization& Google Drive will be so useful for you. Note that Google Drive offers free storage of 15 GB. So& if you are a student& then this would be sufficient for you. On the other hand& organizations are usually upgraded to Google One to get extra storage.


If you are wondering “how do I share my google drive files with others&” “How to share google drive file with non-Gmail users&” then this article will definitely prove to be very useful for you.

Note that one of the major benefits of using Google Drive is that it allows you to back up your important files. If you don’t have Google Drive on Android or iPhone& then you should install the Google Drive application from Google play store or App store. This will allow you to access files or documents from your smartphone itself.

You would be amazed to know that Google Drive also comes with the Optical Character Recognition Feature. Through this article& we will discuss how to share files on google drive and how to share google drive files with non-google users.

We will provide simple methods that will make use of Google Drive quite easy and efficient for you. Whether you want to know how to share files on google drive on Android& iPhone& or on the computer& we have covered it all for you.

Table of Contents

Part 1

Part 1: Share Google Drive Files on Android/iPhone


Now& let us discuss how to share files using google drive on Android or iPhone.

1.1 Single Files

Step 1: First of all& you are required to open the Google Drive app.


Step 2: Now& on the side of the name of the file& tap More.

Step 3: Then& tap Share.

1.2 Multiple Files

Go through this method to learn how to share multiple files on google drive on your Android or iPhone.

Step 1: If you want to share multiple files (more than one file) from your Android device or iPhone&

you should add all those files to a folder. In this manner& you can share the complete folder.

Step 2: Another method of sharing multiple files easily is to visit and then create a folder containing all those files and then share the entire folder.

Part 2

Part 2: Share Google Drive Files on computer

2.1 Single Files

We will discuss a simple method on how you can share a file on google drive using your computer.

Step 1: Firstly& you are required to go to or open Google Drive app on your computer.

Step 2: Then& select the file that you wish to share.


Step 3: Then& choose “Send” or “Share.”

2.2 Multiple Files

Let us now learn how to share files in google drive with others.

Step 1: In order to share files via google drive& you are required to visit

Step 2: Now& using your keyboard& press Shift& and hold it till you choose the multiple files (more than one file you wish to share).

Step 3: Now& at the top right corner& you will notice “Share&” click on that.

So& this was how you could conveniently share files on google drive.

Part 3

Part 3: Share Files in Google Drive with Email

3.1: Share Files in Google Drive with Gmail Users

This section is for all those who want to learn how to use google drive to share files.

Step 1: Firstly& to share files through google drive& you should go to on your PC.

Step 2: Then& you are required to click on the folder that you wish to share.

Step 3: You should click on “Share.”


Step 4: Then& you should mention or specify the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share your files under the “People” section.

Step 5: Then& you need to choose whether the user can “Edit&” “Comment&” or only “View” the file that you are sharing with others.


Step 6: Then& finally& click on “Send.”

So& now you got the answer to “how to share a file through google drive.” Isn’t it quite easy? This is the reason why Google Drive is widely used by people all over the world because it makes things quite convenient.

3.2: Share Files in Google Drive with Non-Gmail Users

There are basically two techniques that you can use to share files via google drive with non-Gmail users.

The first method is called-” To invite.”


The second method is known as “To create a link.”


You need to understand that inviting non-Gmail users via email is not a good idea as Google will ask the person (the non-Gmail user) to login to their Google account. Otherwise& they will not be able to access the Google Drive file you shared with them.

On the other hand& if you use one trick& that will solve this issue. What exactly you need to do is that you have to just enable an option called-” Anyone with the link.”

By enabling this option& the non-Gmail user with whom you share the file will not be asked to log in to your Google account.

Part 4

Part 4: Share Files from Google Drive to Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox

Nowadays online drives are the main data storage for most us. When you want to share your Google Drive files& can you send the files from Google Drive directly to the Google Drive/OneDrove/Dropbox of your friends? Or Sometimes one of your Google accounts are no longer in use& can you share files from one Google Drive account to another? This answer is YES if you have this cloud drive management tool: Wondershare InClowdz.

Now here is how it works if you want to share Google Drive files to another Google Drive account or other cloud drives:

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  1. First of all& you need to download the cloud drive management tool.
  2. Then just launch the software and log in with a Wondershare account.
  3. Select the Migrate option from the left part. Respectively in the Source Cloud Drive and Target Cloud Drive sections& add your Google Drive account and the destination drive you want to send files to.
  4. In the Source Cloud Drive section& enter your Google Drive& open a desired folfer and then select the files you want to share.
  5. In the Target Cloud Drive section& select a cloud drive (another Google drive account or other drives) and then confirm the folder you want to place the to-be-shared files.
  6. After all the previous job is done& click on Migrate. Then all the selected Google Drive files can be shared successfully.


We have reached the end of this article; we hope that you found it useful. So& from now onwards your most of the queries like “how to share files through google drive&” etc. are solved. As said earlier& Google Drive is a very secure and efficient cloud storage solution that can really make your life so easy. You can do a lot of things quickly with the help of amazing features of Google Drive.

So& this was all from our side. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article& please feel free to write down in the comment section below. Stay tuned.



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