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How to Move Files from One Dropbox Account to Another?

Written By Alan Williams

Dec 08, 2021 • Proven solutions

“Can I move files from one Dropbox account to another? I am using more than one account on Dropbox and wish to transfer certain data from my first account to my newest one. I want to know the method that is not only secure but quick.”

Dropbox is among the best cloud storage facilities available for users on the internet. The service is very secure and allows its customers to store a wide variety of data. However& the free account plan only offers to keep 2GB worth of data on the platform. It is simply not enough& especially if you are an avid user of the cloud storage service.

Most users tackle the limited storage space problem by either purchasing the premium package& which offers them to upload as much as 3TB of data. The other solution for the same user is to create multiple accounts for different purposes.

It is highly suggested to keep data separate for private and professional usage. Still& there will come a time& where you would need to move files from one Dropbox account to another. Luckily& there are some practical ways to perform such an activity.

In this post& we will be discussing the top two techniques to move files from one Dropbox account to another.

Table of Contents

Part 1

Part 1. How to Move Files from One Dropbox Account to another using Dropbox Built-in Feature?

Dropbox offers two built-in features to share data with other accounts or individuals. These options keep your files and folders stored on Dropbox safe. The two ways are as follows:

  1. Moving files from One Dropbox Account to another using the Shared Folder Option.
  2. Transfer Data from One Dropbox Account to another via the Shared Link Feature.

In this section& we will show you the method to apply both techniques.

Method 1. Moving Files from One Dropbox Account to another using the Shared Folder Option:

If you wish to apply this method& then Sign In to both of your Dropbox accounts. Entering your login credentials beforehand will permit you to access the data instantly. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open your Dropbox account via its app or the web browser;

Step 2: Click and open the folder that contains the data you wish to share with the other account;

Step 3: On the top-right corner of the interface& you will see the “Share” tab& click on it and proceed to the next step;


Step 4: A new pop-up window will emerge. Enter the Dropbox email address of the other account with whom you want to share the folder;

Step 5: Click on the Share tab available on the bottom-right corner of the pop-up box to finish the process;


Step 6: Now access the second account that you had opened in a separate browser;

Step 7: Click on the Shared button which will be available on the left side of the screen& under the Files section;

Step 8: From the Recent tab& you will see the shared folder& click on Add to confirm the sharing process.

Step 9: After that& you will be able to access it at any period.


Method 2. Transfer Data from One Dropbox Account to another via the Shared Link Feature.

If you think that the method mentioned above is a bit complicated& then we have an alternative solution for you. You can share the link of the file or folder from your Dropbox account to another. It will prevent you from any additional hassle. Check the following instructions to learn how to use the Shared Link feature of Dropbox.

Step 1: Open any file or folder from your Dropbox profile that you intend to share with another account;

Step 2: Click on the Share button& and then hit the “Share with Dropbox” option;


Step 3: You will see a new pop-up window instantly. Click on Create Link button and then Copy link. Anyone with the newly created link will be able to access your Dropbox’s file or folder without any hurdle.


That’s it! The procedure is as simple as it can get. Many third-party applications provide the users the means to move files from one Dropbox account to another. We will discuss how to use one of such platforms in the next section of the article.

Part 3

Part 2. Move Files From One Dropbox To Another Using Wondershare InClowdz

Wondershare InClowdz can be used to move files and folders between your cloud accounts easily& among other things. Here are steps to move files from one Dropbox to another account using Wondershare InClowdz:

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Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare InClowdz

Step 2: Sign-in or create a new account and then sign in to InClowdz.


Step 3: Select the Migrate module


Step 4: Add your first Dropbox account& the one you want to move files from:


Repeat this step to add the second Dropbox target account& the one you want to move files to.

Step 5: There is an option to specify files and folders to move. Select the source account and choose files and folders you want to move to another Dropbox account& if you want. If you do not specify& entire Dropbox account will be moved. You may want to create a new folder in your target Dropbox account to keep track of files that were moved.


Step 6: Click Migrate and the process will begin.


This will effectively move your files from one Dropbox account to another as easily as can be. You can also manage your Dropbox account from within Wondershare InClowdz using the Management option where all you need to do is add the account you want to manage and you can perform file and folder operations such as add& delete& rename& copy& move& easily.


Now you know the best methods to move files from one Dropbox account to another. In this article& we not only tried using the in-built file sharing feature of Dropbox but also checked it using a third-party app like CloudFuze.

In the end& it is up to you to decide on what method you find safer and better than the other. Feel free to share this article amongst family and friends& especially if they intend to move files from one Dropbox account to another quickly.



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