How to Transfer Flickr to Google Photos?

Written By Alan Williams

Dec 08, 2021 • Proven solutions

Both Flickr and Google Photos are known for providing good cloud service. But when it comes to comparison& Google Photos dominates Flickr. This is the reason why people move photos from Flickr to Google Photos.

Flickr offers a limit of 1000 photos for free. It means when this limit will be exceeded& Flickr will start deleting the old photos. As a result& it is a possibility that you may lose your old photos without having prior knowledge.

Moreover& when it comes to additional features& there is no match for Google Photos. So if you want to migrate photos from Flickr to Google Photos continue with us.

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Part 1

Part 1: Can I Transfer Flickr to Google Photos?

Yes& you can easily transfer Flickr to google photos. Both platforms provide you with the flexibility to carry these kinds of tasks. Flickr provides you an ability to download all of the stored photos. Google Photos provides you an ability to upload bulk photos at a time.

If you are looking forward to transferring photos from Flickr to google photos& it is a good choice to go with.

Google Photos is considered as one of the best cloud storage platforms for storing photos. It is due to some of the advantages that it offers.

  • When it comes to uploading& Flickr shows a slow response. Moreover& it supports basic features for uploading photos. When it comes to google photos& it is faster and comes with more flexibility. It provides you an ability of automatic uploading from external media. It also offers auto-grouping of photos based on facial recognition.
  • When it comes to exploring photos& there is no match to google photos. It offers you a smart search that helps you in searching for a specific photo easily and rapidly.
  • Google photos offer you unlimited cloud storage. It also offers you various formats.
Part 2

Part 2: How to Transfer Flickr to Google Photos?

When it comes to migrating photos from Flickr to Google Photos& Flickr makes it a bit difficult process. Flickr doesn’t provide you with a direct option of transferring photos to other cloud storage platforms.

It does not provide you with an automatic process for the same. You need to carry on with manual steps for performing a migration. You can perform a migration by either downloading- uploading procedure or by using a third-party app.

Downloading-uploading technique is one of the effective ways to transfer Flickr photos to Google Photos. Here you are required to download photos from Flickr to PC. Then to upload photos on Google Photos from your PC.

Let us proceed with some simple steps.

Step 1: Login into Flickr using your Yahoo account. Once logged in successfully& navigate to “You”. Then select “Camera Roll”.


Step 2: Now click on “Select all”. This will select all the photos. Once selected the ticks will be shown in the boxes. Next click on “Download”. It is present with a download sign at the bottom menu bar.


Step 3: A pop-up window will appear asking to create a zip file. Click on “Create zip file”. This will begin the process of creating a zip file of all selected photos. This process will take time. Once the process is completed& you will be notified via message “Download zip file”. Click on it. This will download the zip file


The above process will download all the photos to your PC. Now you can unzip them to view.

Step 4: For uploading photos to google photos you can take the help of Google desktop uploader. All you need to do is to install the “Backup and Sync” computer app and then log-in to your google account. Once logged in successfully& select the folders that you want to upload or back up. Once you are done with selecting& choose from the options of “High Quality” or “Original Quality”.

The “High Quality” option provides you an ability to store photos at 16 megapixels and videos at 1080p. It also provides you with unlimited storage space. The “Original Quality” option provides you an ability to upload full-resolution photos and videos.

Once you are done with selecting the quality& you need to press “Start backup”. This will initiate the process of uploading your photos on Google Photos.


The process of uploading will take some to complete. The time taken will solely depend upon the size of the files and internet speed. Once the process of uploading is completed& you can access your photos from Google photos.

Note: It is advised to use a sufficient high-speed data plan. This will not only speed up the process of moving Flickr photos to Google Photos but also prevents any interruption due to low data speed or limited data issue.

Part 3

Part 3: Tips & tricks

    • The free space and synching: Flickr not only offer 1 TB of free storage capacity to all users but also provides you an ability to sync. It means if you are using Dropbox& OneDrive& etc& and want to switch to Google Photos& you can sync all other accounts to Flickr. This will make your task easy. As you can now easily download all of your photos at once.

Not only this& If you are having photos on your mobile phone& you can also sync them to Flickr.

    • Save space on phone: Google Photos provide you an advantage of immediate backup. This means you are not going to run out of space for capturing more photos or videos. What you need to do is to enable Backup and Sync functions. Once enabled your photos and videos will be automatically stored to google photos.

Once they are uploaded or backed up on a cloud& the local version of the photos will be deleted automatically. In the future& you can access these photos and videos through the internet.

    • Filter your searches: When you move from Flickr to Google Photos& you may encounter problems while searching for a specific photo. It seems to be a difficult process because you need a single photo from thousands.

Thanks to the additional features of google photos. Google photos can arrange Photos by date and location. It comes with advanced image recognition capabilities. This feature easily classifies the subject of your photos. It also presents you with graphical hints.

Moreover& Google lens provides you an ability of optical character recognition. It recognizes text inside an image. This means you can search for text& objects& locations& etc in a document.

    • Tag people and pet faces to improve search: Tagging improves the search results. Google photos provide you an ability to find photos of anyone by tagging the faces of people and your pets.

What you need to do is to tap on people and pets& you will get headshots derived from your photos. You can click a person and enter a name. If that person is already present in your contacts& their name will pop-up. You just need to tap on it. But if the person is not in your contact list& you can enter name. This will provide you with references to other photos of that person.

Moreover& if you are having a certain photo of yours& taken several years ago. There is another that was taken recently. Google’s face recognition can help you with it. It can span decades. The A.I. the face matching engine of Google will possibly recognize it. This will make it easier to find that photo later in the future search.

    • Quick selection of photos: You need not to select each and every photo for transferring or deleting. Google Photos provide you with a nifty quick selection option. It will let you select multiple photos at a single time. All you need to do is to hold your finger on a photo. Then you have to drag it to the last photos that you want to choose. This will automatically select all photos in between.

Once selected you can proceed with the required step. It will save both time and effort.


If you are looking forward to transferring Flickr to google photos 2018 or any other version& you will remain in benefit. Google photos are more advanced and are loaded with top quality features. Moreover& it provides you with state-of-the-art technology. This will make your task easier and faster.

The limitations on Flickr has forced many to choose some better platform. Google Photos has almost every tendency of that platform. It is not like Flickr where the process of uploading and downloading is a bit hectic. Here all you need to do is to use this resolute dossier to migrate photos from Flickr to google photos.



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