Free Way to Transfer MEGA to Google Drive

Written By Alan Williams

Dec 08, 2021 • Proven solutions

MEGA is a secure& user- friendly- controlled end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and integration service with 50 GB free storage space. Also& Google Drive is another popular platform for file storage and synchronization. Now many people think it is easy to use Google Drive. So they want to transfer MEGA to Google Drive. So& MEGA vs Google Drive& which is better?

Part 1

MEGA VS Google Drive

When comparing Google Drive vs. MEGA& MEGA for many people. In the question what are the best cloud storage services? In this case& MEGA is ranked no 2 while Google Drive is ranked no 3. The most significant reason people chose MEGA is:

All files uploaded to MEGA are first encrypted on the user’s side. For you to access files a decryption key must be supplied. For ease of use& the decryption key can be added to the URL you share.

1. Google Drive:

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service offered by Google. It permits the users to store the files as well as personal data and also to share the files. It offers you fifteen GB of free storage space. It was launched by Google in 2012. It is used by almost every single person which is in some way related to the internet. Everybody uses this to store even some professional and personal data as long as you have a Gmail or Google account.

2. MEGA:

MEGA is a file hosting service as well as cloud storage which is offered from MEGA Limited. It is mostly designed for web-based applications however it also provides mobile applications for Android& Windows Phone as well as iPhone. In 2013 Kim Dotcom launched MEGA Drive and was developed using C++& JavaScript& Java and also Objective-C. It offers fifteen GB free storage space with additional thirty-five GB for a free trial.

It is owned by Google LLC. It is owned by MEGA Limited.
It was launched in 2012. It was launched in 2013.
It was developed by Google. It was developed by Kim Dotcom.
They offer 15 GB free storage space. They offer 15 GB free storage space with an additional 35 GB for a free trial.
It offers limited storage space for paid. It also offers limited storage space for paid.
They have many users using Google Drive have more. They have many users using MEGA is less.
It has the maximum storage size of thirty TB. Maximum storage size is sixteen TB here.
It does not offer applications for all operating systems and web-based systems. It offers applications for all operating systems and web-based systems.
It supports file versioning. It also supports file versioning.
It charges moderately more for additional storage that means it is more costly. It charges less for additional storage that means it is less expensive.
It offers full security of data. It offers less security of data than Google drive.
The maximum file size is five TB here. It has the maximum file size is and is equal to available cloud drive space.
Part 2

Why Transfer MEGA to Google Drive?

Once you have a MEGA account with some important files and you want to make a backup for it. You want to move data from MEGA to Google Drive. What are the easiest ways to transfer from MEGA to Google drive?

As everyone knows& MEGA and Google Drive are 2 famous cloud storage services. a lot of users make use of both MEGA and Google Drive to store their data. However& while using those two cloud drives& you might find that often you want to move data between MEGA and Google Drive.

Part 3

How to Transfer MEGA to Google Drive?

All Cloud storage services have their features for transferring data from one cloud drive to another& not except for MEGA and Google Drive. If you want to achieve MEGA to Google Drive transfer& the regular way is using the Download and Upload functions in your system drives storage or cloud services.

First Step. Open the MEGA Web& you need to login into your account and download the files you want to transfer from MEGA and store it on the local hard drive of your computer.


Second Step. Open another window and you will need to log in your Google Drive account& then click Upload Files and wait for the process to complete.


You need to understand this: making Using this way to move MEGA to Google Drive would take some time because it depends on your network speed and the size of data.


MEGA is a cloud storage service. You can upload files to their servers and access them everywhere you go. That’s nothing particularly unique about MEGA that’s just what cloud storage services do in general: they make files available. It is NOT a backup solution. While Google Drive is a backup storage service.

Thanks for reading this guide on Free Way to Transfer MEGA to Google Drive.