User Guide

The hands-on guide to help you learn how to use Wondershare InClowdz in Seconds


Authorize and Delete Cloud Drives

To manage multiple cloud drives in one place, you can add up to 20 cloud drives in InClowdz. There are 3 places for you to add and authorize different cloud drives including cloud transfer, cloud sync and cloud manage.

Authorized Cloud Drives

Step 1: Choose “Add Cloud Drive” on “Transfer” and “Sync” or click “Add” on “Manage”.


Step 2: Choose the cloud drive you want to add and click “Authorize Now”.

inclowdz web

Step 3: Follow the instruction to authorize your accounts. And your drives will appear on the left side panel if you authorized them successfully.

inclowdz web


Delete Cloud Drives

Step1: Click “Manage” on the left panel and choose “manage icon”.

inclowdz web

Step 2: Click “delete icon” to delete the cloud drive you don’t want.

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